XOVIS 3D - customer counter - Xovis sensors

Highly accurate customer counters from Xovis meet the highest standards in terms of counting accuracy, reliability and data protection (EU GDPR)

You can achieve the best results in combination with our Vemcount and Web Report cloud services. 100% data protection compliant thanks to Eastek's unique concept.

Why XOVIS sensors?

  • Xovis perfects the accuracy of counting and tracking people and therefore the analysis of consumer behavior and the customer journey
  • Real-time in-store analysis even on several 100sqm in combination with Xovis SPIDER
  • Four data protection levels that meet all data protection requirements
  • Ready for future AI-powered applications such as checkout-free systems
  • Installation heights from 2.2 m to 12 m
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

We install your Xovis sensors on site in Europe and are happy to take care of the planning and also the cable laying
We offer you our service quickly and reliably in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy , Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden

We advise (conversion rate, tracking, staff exclusion, gender, fitting room occupancy, shopping window)
It is not enough to choose a highly accurate sensor. Your business success depends on how you work with customer counting numbers. If necessary, plan to pay employees proportionally according to conversion rate, what conversion rate do you work with, per person, according to purchasing units, according to gender? Arrange a team conference with us to discuss all the details, we are there for you.

Data Intelligence and KPIs
The combination of AI-based Xovis PC2S sensors and Xovis SPIDER takes in-store analytics to the next level. We combine our latest generation of sensors with our Vemcount processing unit and integrate the data into their platform, giving retailers real-time KPIs

Residence time and fill level

Counting zones enable the measurement of dwell time and fill levels in different parts of the store. In addition to highlighting hot and cold spots, dwell time and fill level data is a useful tool for workforce planning and optimizing other operational processes.

Customer Journey
Based on the real-time data collected with Xovis 3D people counters, retailers can track how customers navigate through a store. Using the unique Xovis multisensor technology, we can accurately track a visitor's customer journey. No need for expensive and laborious academic behavioral studies from on-site observers - everything is included in the Xovis data.

See all relevant data in real time on all your devices

Vemcount Peoplecounter

Use the people counter in the building.

It's not just retail that relies on the data from our customer counters.

A variety of company restaurants, swimming pools, schools and much more. rely on the data from our Xovis Peoplecounter. You can determine the number of people in the building at any time, employees don't have to go to the canteen to see how full it is, you already know from the intranet. Visitors to swimming pools can check the pool's homepage to see whether there is still enough free space.

As a partner in distribution?
Are you a system integrator and would like to participate in the success of the most precise sensor? Please feel free to contact us! We have already very successfully established partners in Finland and Switzerland. Become part of the large Xovis team

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