Customer counter XOVIS 3D - incl. Cloud Service Lite SET 1

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Kundenzähler XOVS 3D - inkl. Cloudservice Lite SET 1 - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €1.599,00
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Customer counter XOVS 3D - incl. Cloud service Lite SET with assembly on site

Customer counter 15 EUR / month)

Highly accurate 3D Xovis people counter with various functions and extremely high counting accuracy

Low power consumption <5W, installation height 2.20-5.50m, covers 3.53x210cm with a 3m ceiling height

  • Cloud service Vemcount Lite with statistics function, dashboard automatic reports, branch and time comparisons, watchdog for many functions
  • Live Inside to display the live visitor numbers and actions when threshold values ​​are reached, such as WhatsApp, SMS, Webhook, MQTT and much more. (SMS and WA are chargeable)
  • Mounting the sensor in your property on existing cabling or cabling created by you
  • Setup, instruction
  • Requires internet connection for data push to German server at AWS Frankfurt, DIN ISO 27001
  • Assembly on network cable prepared on site

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