Why should the customer counting instrument (Peoplecounter) be used?

  • Increase your sales by improving the purchase rate

  • Collecting data about customer movements for trend analysis and evaluation of advertising and promotional campaigns

  • Optimization of opening times and product placement

  • Optimization of personnel deployment planning

  • 100% EU-DSGVO-konform

  • Implementation of COVID19 requirements and admission regulations

In the shop you will find customer counters based on light barriers, which are suitable for quick and easy attachment by your staff, as well as customer counters from Xovis. When installed by system integrators like us, Xovis people counters are highly accurate with a rate of 98-99% even with high and highest visitor volumes.

The Counteasy customer counter models Wireless and USB include free downloadable software that allows you to view graphics with time and date. ​All customer counters are ideal for public facilities such as libraries, libraries, or for all retail visitor counting.

Do you have special requirements?

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with the solution. You can find our customer counters in the automotive industry, in libraries, on ships, in retail, in schools, in swimming pools and in the Bundeswehr.

A rapidly growing and important area is people counting in buildings. This is where topics such as escape, evacuation and security come together. All buildings that are “public spaces” in the traditional sense, i.e. accessible without entry controls, should and in the future must record the number of people. All entrances must be equipped with sensors that reliably and safely count all people.

These recorded numbers of people are processed in real time in our cloud service. A maximum number of people is specified and can be adjusted at any time. With the real-time linking of the people counters, the total number of visitors can be shown at any time, as well as the distribution of visitors, e.g. by floors, areas or rooms. Here, for example, when counting people in visitor centers, schools or large canteens, we link any number of sensors throughout the building.

The real-time display can be displayed on all internet-enabled devices or on signage or monitors.
Our cloud service also offers the statistical evaluation of all data with a very comprehensive statistics tool and that starts from just EUR 15 per month.

We are a pure B2B shop, so all prices mentioned here are net prices.