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The Xovis PC series is one of the most complete portfolios of 3D sensors on the market; It masters every challenge of people counting and people counting and people flow measurement with high precision. The Xovis 3D sensors and the Xovis SPIDER offer a reliable database. This technology enables people counting, people flow measurement and complex in-store analytics applications. Xovis and Eastek enable retailers to meet the challenges of the IoT era.


Competition in the retail industry is fierce. Online competitors threaten brick-and-mortar sales and increase internal and external pressure, forcing retailers to use retail space more intensively. Our analytics in the stores help with this and we digitize your business models.

Xovis 3D sensors offer counting accuracy of up to 99.9%, exceeding the performance of other technologies and setting new industry standards. The introduction of AI-based algorithms improves the accuracy
and flexibility of people counting and tracking.

Embrace the progress and prepare your in-store analytics system with the AI ​​generation of Xovis sensors.For example, for large-scale and comprehensive monitoring of flows of people
with the unique Xovis multisensor.


Customers who don't purchase can make up 85% of all visitors. Sales and customer loyalty data do not provide strategic insight into this enormous potential.

Our AI-supported Xovis 3D sensors make it possible to develop store and category concepts that also appeal to potential customers (thus generating buyers from visitors) who do not buy. By using AI-driven Xovis 3D sensors to track customer movements across large areas, retailers can gain important data. Insights into staffing ratios, promotion profitability, wait times and queues.


  • Reduction in waiting times by up to 64%
  • Sales increases of up to 13%
  • Up to 50% more engagement from registered customers
  • Increased effectiveness of advertising measures


The AI ​​- Plugins / Apps - unique benefits for your people counting


Will your advertising be seen? Do you want to find out where your customers' attention is focused? Merchandising and placing advertising in the right place are crucial for maximum brand impact. The challenge is having the right data for optimization. Xovis sensors count all people and provide a view directional vector.


Gender Statistics

Target group definition is nothing new - rather, it is a proven discipline for customer service, advertising, store design, etc. Correct identification of the target group impacts the planning, design and implementation of all activities. With the Gender Statistics extension, you can use Xovis sensors to identify male and female audiences and target your marketing based on facts rather than subjective perception.


Group Counting

People in groups (purchasing groups) often show different shopping behavior than individuals.

You shop together, and often one person pays for the whole family. Understand the relationship between the number of purchasing units entering a facility and actual sales numbers with Xovis' built-in Group Counting feature.


Staff Exclusion

When running a business, one of the most necessary basic information is the number of customers/visitors. In practice, however, the numbers are slightly distorted if staff are also counted. Equip staff with specially designed signs, all using the same standardized Xovis pattern, and use the Staff Exclusion extension. In this way, the staff becomes visible to the Xovis sensors and can be excluded from customer counting.


Evaluation of the data in the cloud or/and as raw data in your BI tool and ERP system

There are many ways to evaluate people counting data. The most convenient way is via our cloud service Vemco

100% GDPR compliant, your data is provided on our AWS server in Frankfurt. You can choose from different performance classes depending on what you need.

Feel free to book an online presentation and see what is now possible.

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