Anti-theft protection for exhibits

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Electronic anti-theft protection for iPhones, iPads, tablets or smartphones, mechanical security for your tablet in the waiting room, or the remote control in the conference room. With us you will find anti-theft devices for all your products

Theft protection for all products

We offer you theft protection for all products, which also includes the installation of article surveillance antennas in shops, the installation of customer counters or classic video surveillance.

Electronic anti-theft protection for exhibits at trade fairs and exhibitions or in retail

We offer you very high quality with an incredibly wide range of accessories. If you have been a Zacom customer, you will definitely feel at home with us! Electronic anti-theft device - article security with charging function

Theft protection MAX & Fox series V3

The unique article protection of the Max & Fox series secures your smartphone. Tablets, cameras, PCs, Macs, laptops, input pens, cordless screwdrivers, Bluetooth speakers and so much more reliably protect against theft. At the same time, your devices are supplied with power via our backup and charging cable.

An alarm is triggered when:

  • The fuse is removed from the table
  • The charging cable is pulled out
  • The fuse sensor is removed or cut.

How can I turn off the alarm?

The alarm can be switched off with a coded remote control, only after an alarm, so you cannot simply switch off a device with a remote control. For both anti-theft protection series you get the codable remote control (for increased security needs) or the non-codable standard remote control.

The MAX series offers the same charging and security functions as the Smart Variomount anti-theft device, but includes a significantly larger security range : MAX is an anti-theft device with holders for: smartphones, tablets, razors, headphones, speakers, SLR cameras, digicams, high-quality remote controls etc

“Electronics stores love MAX”

With the MAX series, a variety of products can be secured and charged on the surface. It's extremely easy for staff to use and the high quality means there are no more constant false alarms, all at a very attractive price. Do you have a special requirement or a new concept? Talk to us, many companies have already shared their ideas with us and jointly developed anti-theft concepts. Customer thoughts have given rise to many new and valuable products that are used in a variety of ways today.

Simple electronic backup

This battery-operated anti-theft device is used to quickly and easily secure devices against theft or theft. Stick it on, switch it on, done!

Anti-theft POS Alarm DUO - used more than 30,000 times in Europe

Our anti-theft device POS Alarm DUO is a 2-port mini security center to which two security cables can be connected.

The center is battery-operated, the battery can of course be easily changed. (Just open one screw, replace the battery, done). Even inexperienced users can secure products in less than 2 minutes. The control panel is glued on and the security cables (there is a larger selection in the shop) are attached to the product and plugged into the control panel. The alarm is activated immediately.

The advantage of the POS Alarm DUO becomes apparent very quickly at trade fairs if you want to take your exhibits with you in the evening. You then don't have to remove any adhesive, just pull the plug out of the anti-theft control center and switch off the alarm with the appropriate remote control.

There are security cables with: adhesive sensor, loop/loop, USB, mini USB
POS Alarm DUO, for example, is used many thousands of times in hardware stores and building materials stores to secure tools and machines.

Anti-theft pull box alarm 3

The Pullbox Alarm 3 anti-theft device is a perfect symbiosis of a mechanical cable reel/pull box and electronic security. The pull box is available in many variations with end pieces such as: lasso, loop, USB, small adhesive sensor, large adhesive sensor. Just like with the POS Alarm DUO, you can easily protect your products against theft or theft. The Alarmed Snapper can be glued to the furniture.

You can use the fixing mushroom to set a rope overhang and the customer can take the product in their hand and the product is gently pulled back to its starting position using the rope pull. If the safety device is torn off or the rope is pulled tight, an alarm is triggered, which you can reset with the Snapper Remote.

Mechanical fuse

The mechanical anti-theft devices include the products: Pullbox, Product Holder Style, VSCN Compact and many more. Pull boxes are cable reels with many different end fittings and are suitable for anti-theft protection on almost all products. The nylon-coated steel cable protects your products against damage and offers mechanical protection without triggering an alarm. The very affordable price makes these great products mass-produced in shop and store construction. You can also find our products in schools and companies when it comes to leaving remote controls in their place and securing them against being taken away.

Gripzo safety frame

Security frames are used to protect iPads or tablets against theft or removal, whenever and where the focus is not on the product but on the content/app.

Areas of application are for example: car dealerships, furniture stores, trade fairs and exhibitions, doctor's offices, retailers (who also want to show their online program in stationary stores) The right frame for every tablet size.