Dwell time measurement and capture rate

How successful is your shop window? Designing a shop window, the decision-making power of shop window design

With the KPI "Capture Rate" you can keep an eye on the success of your shop window.

"Unattractive shop windows turn shoppers into passers-by"*. This is a retail rule that applies to every small, independent retailer as well as the big box stores. (Source FOUNDiiD)

According to surveys by FOUNDiiD, 90% of people pay attention to shop windows when walking or driving. Another 28% of customers say the windows are the main reason they enter a store.

The answer to the question about a successful shop window is usually only subjective, as no complete part of the customer journey is captured. With our systems and 20 years of experience in analyzing passers-by, visitors, customers and buyers, we provide you with facts in the form of the Capture Rate.

We will work with you to determine the number of people who walk past your shop window, i.e. the number of passages. We compare this with your visitors and provide you with the Capture Rate, an increasingly important KPI in retail.

We also work with you to determine the attractiveness of your shop window by measuring the average time spent in front of your shop window. We also determine the Stopping Power in relation to the bypassers.

Hardly any other company can provide more references in this segment than Eastek. Currently, more than 100 sensors in Europe provide information about the capture rate.

The processing of this data is just as important as recording the length of stay and passages. With our cloud service, we provide you with this data in real time, clearly and prepared.

Let our people counting specialists advise you, by phone, email or, ideally, in a Teams meeting.

We provide you with all the data for people counting, travel time measurement, route analysis, heatmap, conversion rate and everything else you need to completely map the customer journey.

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