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We have been the manufacturer of the Counteasy visitor counter for 20 years and production still takes place in Europe. In this way, we guarantee you always high quality, short delivery routes and constant technical development.

The series consists of the models Micro, Standard V3, Outdoor, USB and Wireless. All customer counters work on the basis of a light barrier. If the light barrier beam is interrupted, a count is carried out.

Thanks to modern technology, we achieve long battery life of around one year. The devices are easy to install, using Tesa Powerstrips or in the housings available as accessories. You can find our Counteasy customer counters at airports, in retail stores, in countless libraries, in authorities and public institutions. The light barrier technology ensures 100% data protection and so the visitor counters are also suitable for use in washrooms and toilets.

The visitor counters - Micro and Standard models are the entry-level models, insert batteries, attach sensors and count read on the display. With the Micro customer counter the light barrier beam comes from the side, with the standard V3 from the front.

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