Customer counter Counteasy USB V3 Bi-Directional with display

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Kundenzähler Counteasy USB V3 Bi-Direktional mit Display - EastekOnlineshop
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Customer counter counteasy USB V3 Bidirectional - With free software for download

Free software download for PC evaluations based on time, date or location

With LCD display - makes installation easier because you can immediately see the counting results on the customer counter.

The counteasy USB customer counter counts the interruptions in the light barrier beam and shows them on the display. When counting, the people counter differentiates according to the direction (IN / OUT)

The device is barely larger than a cigarette pack and is quickly and easily attached using the included Tesa power strips.
The monitoring range is approx. 1 - maximum 8m.

The people counter should be installed at a height of approx. 140cm and can also be installed behind glass, but this reduces the range.

In summary:

Versatile battery-powered people counter used when network is not available and detailed valuable data is required. Can also be mounted on (AM) shoplifting systems.

Technical data:

Power supply

2 x 1.5V AA batteries


116.4 x 68.6 x 22.3 mm


ABS plastic black


40 days

Battery life

approx. 1 year, depending on data traffic

Maximum distance

8 m/ 26 feet


Internal date and time

Advantages of version V3 USB:

  • All data is given the time and date and stored on the large memory of the counteasy USB
  • Data is transferred by plugging in the cable and inserting the USB stick
  • Plug the USB stick with data into the PC and the data will be transferred to the installed sensor server software (free download only from eastek)
  • Data from different branches are stored separately and displayed in charts (note image database)
  • Use on AM article surveillance systems possible without restrictions, lower power consumption therefore up to 4 years without changing batteries


The scope of delivery includes: 1 customer counter transmitter, 1 customer counter receiver, 4 batteries, Tesa power strips, operating instructions (English), download voucher for Immotion software, data cable, USB stick

With adjustment aid. An integrated LED shows the accuracy of the setting and avoids incorrect measurements! Simply attach the receiver to the wall, place the setting magnet on the device and align the transmitter on the other side until the setting LED lights up continuously, attach the receiver with Tesa power strips and the installation is finished!


Evaluations with our sensor server software:

Sensor Server

PC knowledge is required to install the software for this people counter! If you need help, we offer installation of the software via Teamviewer. In the event of delays in installation that are not due to Eastek's fault, we will charge EUR 2.00 per minute from the 60th minute onwards.

When installing the software, simply follow the individual steps during the installation.


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