Customer counter Counteasy wireless set - entry control - ALL IN ONE

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Kundenzähler Counteasy wireless Set - Einlass-Steuerung - ALL IN ONE - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €1.199,00
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Customer counter Counteasy wireless Set V3 bidirectional - count visitors without laying cables

Control the entrance to your business or building quickly and easily without laying cables or installations and get support in meeting the Corona requirements.

Here you get everything complete, because this set offers you a great floor stand that, just like the wireless set, is superset up quickly. The high-quality 23.8" monitor is also included, as well as all the necessary cables. Even the Velcro tape with which you can stick the HDMI output device (Raspi) and the SNG to the back of the monitor.


This customer traffic light for access control works on a radio basis, so there is no installation effort and the people counters are powered by batteries (standard AA).

The customer meters (light barriers) are simply attached to the entrance with Tesa power strips or screws and connected wirelessly to the central unit (SNG).

Now just connect the SNG to the HDMI output device and the content will be displayed on your monitor.

You can connect a keyboard and mouse to the HDMI output device and freely display your texts and the maximum visitor values indicate. You can also connect loudspeakers to the system and have a text output in German or English when visitors enter the store despite the red light.


What do you need / What is not included in the set :

  • 3 x sockets for HDMI monitor, SNG and a Raspberry PI (HDMI output device) which outputs the signal on the monitor.
  • 1 x mouse and keyboard


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