Customer counter Xovis 3D - PC2S-UL wide angle 3D sensor with AI

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Kundenzähler Xovis 3D - PC2S-UL Weitwinkel 3D Sensor with AI - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €1.099,00
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Customer counter Xovis 3D - PC2S-UL wide angle 3D sensor with AI - highest accuracy with large inputs

Highly accurate people counter with zone measurement and LIVE INSIDE

  • Power consumption <5W
  • Dimensions: 13.0 x 9.4 x 3.0cm
  • IP40
  • min 2 LUX

Installation height (min/max) 2.20-3.50m

Data Intelligence and KPIs - Let's LEVEL UP
The combination of AI-based Xovis PC2S sensors and Xovis SPIDER takes in-store analytics to the next level . When monitoring very large areas, connecting a variety of Xovis sensors together, the latest generation of sensors combine with the XOVIS Spider and integrate the data into their platform to provide retailers with real-time KPIs, such as seamless tracking of people across the entire area of ​​a shopping center or hardware store. We were the personality data of employees and customers. Our solutions are 100 GDPR through the Eastek privacy policy, recognized by authorities, automotive companies and trade organizations. Xovis sensors create trust, security and the best KPIs.

Frequency and people counting
The Xovis 3D sensors provide live visitor numbers with the highest accuracy the market. As a result, retailers get to know their customer traffic throughout the day and understand the impact of promotional activity and seasonal fluctuations. The precise counting of the number of visitors provides information about the conversion rates and other important KPIs.

Dwell time, fill level
Counting zones enable the measurement of dwell times and fill levels in different parts of the business. In addition to highlighting hot and cold spots (classically known as a heatmap), dwell time and fill level data are a useful tool for personnel planning and optimizing other operational processes.

Xovis sensors push the counting data in real time. With our Vemcount cloud solution you can see the current LIVE number of people in the building, center or store. You can view these values ​​on all internet-enabled devices when booking the Vemcout Lite service. When threshold values ​​are reached, the cloud service sends warnings via email, SMS or WhatsApp. At the same time, a traffic light or a loudspeaker can be controlled via a webhook. Xovis sensors can do more.

Customer Journey
You can track based on the real-time data collected with the Xovis 3D customer counters , how customers navigate through a store. The unique Xovis multisensor technology allows you to accurately track a visitor's customer journey. No need for expensive and laborious academic behavioral studies from on-site observers - everything is included in the Xovis data.


To evaluate the collection options described above, we are happy to offer you our paid cloud service Vemcount. Find out about the affordable options of Vemcont Lite, Basic or Business.

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