Intake control

Create trust! Let our systems for visitor counting and LIVE INSIDE admission control support you.

Benefit from our years of experience in the area of ​​personal level measurement
Public institutions such as libraries, swimming pools and event centers have trusted our solutions for years.
In many companies, federal states and neighboring European countries there are already official requirements for limiting the number of people in rooms, buildings and shops.
With our live-inside technology, our sensors determine whether there is a live value for one or many inputs, which can be displayed on monitors, smartphones, PCs or tablets.
You specify the maximum number of visitors and our system shows the customer or security whether visitors should still be allowed access or not.
Live Inside visitor traffic light for restaurants, communal catering and canteens - Set a maximum value for your number of guests and inform your employees on the intranet whether it makes sense to go out to eat now or better later. Create a good, socially distanced environment for your colleagues.
Download the current brochure here:

Besucherzählung Restaurant

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