LIVE - INSIDE inlet control complete set 1 input

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LIVE - INSIDE Einlass-Steuerung Komplett-Set 1 Eingang - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €1.299,00
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LIVE - INSIDE set for 1 entrance - entry control with highly accurate customer counter

Expandable to any number of entrances for self-assembly or installation by your electrician.

Retailers and supermarkets continue to focus on keeping employees and customers safe against Covid-19 through protective equipment, social distancing and limiting store occupancy.

To help retailers protect their customers and comply with restrictions, we have added a new feature to our software that provides real-time customer count to easily track the number of customers in store.

By displaying this information on a screen at the front of the store, customers can immediately see how many customers are already in the store and how many seats are still available. This would help visitors to immediately understand whether they can enter or not.

The number of live store occupancies can also be embedded and displayed online, on the Internet, on digital signage devices etc.

The solution can be used in all locations where available rooms need to be displayed, e.g. B. in supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores; authorities or even in the church.

The occupancy screen widget can now be customized so that the style of the display reflects the colors and fonts of the store and branding

1 sensor covers one entrance, e.g. with a ceiling height of 3m, an entrance of 3.53m is fully covered

Included in the package:

  • 1x Xovis PC2 - Highly accurate customer counter / people counter
  • 12 months Hosted Lite package license (can be renewed, 15 EUR / month from the 13th month)
  • 1x Raspberry PI 4 with HDMI output for standard monitors
  • SMS notifications to employees / security - (price per SMS - 0.1, - euros)
  • WhatsApp messages - (price per message 0.03 euros)
  • MQTT alarm for Raspberry Pi 4 to trigger 3rd party devices e.g. E.g. green/red strobe light, siren or even automatic doors to close and open depending on the number of active people.
  • Webhook integration - A simple integration into the customer's internal telecommunications.
  • Audio warnings during occupancy are possible
  • Online support for help with installation and data validation with a guaranteed accuracy of 98%
  • INSTALLATION ON SITE is optional for an additional charge, including 10m of cable laying. EUR 4.65 per additional meter.

    If you don't have a router or laying cables is not possible, then simply order the LTE router from AVM Fritz. You then only need one data card to operate.

    Attention: Monitor, HDMI cable and ceiling mount for the monitor are not included in the price, but can be ordered as part of our accessories.


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