EuroCis 2024 - Düsseldorf retail trade fair

This week (week 9/2024) it is taking place again, the small EuroShop, the EuroCis.

On Tuesday I was there for you to see what was new in the area of ​​merchandise security and visitor counting.

And it's actually a little thing that impressed me.

In conversation with Jutta Hoffrogge, Sensormatic's product manager, I was introduced to the 45x11mm big surprise.

Sensormatic will soon be offering adhesive security devices for your goods security that are almost plastic-free, only the adhesive will contain plastic, the entire body will be made of recycled paper.

If you rely on sustainability when it comes to item security, you should no longer order plastic labels from China, but instead rely on the "green" label from Sensormatic.

Also at Sensormatic I had the opportunity for a longer conversation with Nuno Miguel Guimarães, who gave me a detailed insight into the subject of RFID has.

Afterwards, Nuno impressed me with the new Sensormatic Computer Vision.

Here is a small excerpt from Sensormatics white paper:

What do machine learning and computer vision mean in the context of modern retail? The potential applications of computer vision and machine learning in retail are virtually limitless, with certain use cases gaining traction particularly quickly. In almost all cases, these solutions – regardless of whether they are used individually or, more often, in combination – act as a kind of “personnel multiplier”, i.e. H. They monitor and take on tasks that previously required a human decision maker. This means that the branches can work with
fewer employees - and also save personnel costs.

But what are the application areas of computer vision:

  • Create retail heatmaps based on actual customer traffic to optimize the store experience
  • Helping retailers understand customers' journey to purchase to optimize merchandise placement
  • Measurement of customer frequency, pedestrian traffic, Interactions, length of stay and more.
  • Detection of weapons, masks and aggressive behavior
  • Providing in-store advertising
  • Inventory management

In short, computer vision and machine learning can play an important role in automating essential tasks while prioritizing important work for employees so they can focus on the human interactions that Make up the customer experience.

In the area of ​​customer counting and visitor analysis, I was able to speak to Omar Tello from Sensalytics, who is well on the way to becoming a unique selling point with his real-time waiting time evaluation.

Xovis is currently introducing the new PC3 SE series, i.e. customer counters for use at great heights, e.g. in museums, train stations and many other areas.

If you would like to know more, please call us or send us an email.

Kind regards

Andreas Hahnhausen 




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