Analysis of visitor frequency in the luxury, premium and mass market segments

In Germany, the trends among luxury retailers, premium retailers and retailers of everyday goods were very similar.

All three categories followed the same patterns, although the premium segment was clearly ahead and showed a stronger year-on-year increase than the luxury and everyday segments.

The results of the luxury segment were largely in the middle range. The luxury category was the best performing category over 27% of the time (during the period analyzed) and the worst performing category over 29% of the time. Interestingly, while some categories recorded stronger results than others, there were only a few cases where year-on-year footfall trends were negative. In addition, in 5 of the 15 weeks in which visitor frequency was negative, only one of the categories was affected. In most cases where the numbers were negative, at least two of the three categories were affected. This suggests a broader trend rather than one in just a specific price range.

Source: Sensormatic Solutions 2024

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