iBox anti-theft box for smartwatches and earphones

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iBox Diebstahlsicherung Box für Smartwatch und Earphones - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €39,90
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iBox anti-theft device to protect your products in the store or at exhibitions and trade fairs. Reliably secure smartwatches or earphones against theft. The iBox offers you a high-quality acrylic case with a battery-operated alarm function. If the door is opened by force, an alarm will sound, which you can reset using the SK100 remote control (see accessories)

  • Square alarm base:95*95*90mm
  • Suitable for adhesive and screw mounting
  • Supports the use of charging cables (cable can be passed through from below or from the side)
  • Double alarm design: illegal removal + illegal opening
  • Alarm tone≥90DB(10cm)
  • Easy to open and unlock
  • AAA*2 battery (must be purchased locally)

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