Automatic opener Sensormatic for installation - Flush Mount MKAMK1000FM

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Automatiköffner Sensormatic zum Einbau - Flush Mount MKAMK1000FM - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €429,00
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Automatic opener Sensormatic AMK1010 built-in version / flush mount opens article security like Sensormatic Supertag I-III

This Sensormatic automatic opener is intended for use for flush table installation.

Sensormatic label openers are used to easily remove article security labels (Supertag I, II and III as well as comparable article security systems).
The SuperTag desecurity device from Sensormatic removes SuperTag hard labels from secured goods at the checkout and offers a quick and efficient workflow increased throughput.

The opener is operated from a normal socket and is available for table mounting or flush installation, with this device being the variant for flush installation

The device can be adjusted via the integrated programmable keypad to prevent unauthorized use.

AMK-1010 (Recessed)

Length 22cm
Width 18cm
Depth 6.3cm
Weight 1,120g



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