Max Flat - Apple Lightning anti-theft device

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Max Flat - Diebstahlsicherung Apple Lightning - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €59,90
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Theft protection Max Flat Apple Ligtning V3 - high security for almost all retail and trade fair environments

Extra strong magnetic holder / sensor head for presentation on the wall - high security for almost all retail and trade fair environments

  • Alarm triggered via charging cable (cutting and pulling out)
  • Inclusive charging cable and power supply
  • Magnetic holder for tidy exhibition


  • Brackets / additional metal holders for high tear-off protection
  • Charging and securing cable with metal jacket (protection against cutting)
  • Smartphones with glass backs require special film for better adhesion (Art. 060091)


This Max Tablet anti-theft device already includes an Apple Lightning charging cable.

This can be replaced at any time with another charging cable (USB Type C).


Requires at least 1 x Max remote control (under accessories)

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