Line lock VSCN compact - black

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Leinensicherung VSCN kompakt - Schwarz eastek
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Line securing pull box VSCN compact - black - No more drilling to insert the steel cable

Theft protection VSCN compact black - no more drilling to pass through the steel cable

It couldn't be easier. Now it is easy to secure on glass plates, mirrors and high-quality presentation surfaces:

VSCN Compact, the latest invention from Eastek makes it possible.

  1. Simply stick the base onto the piece of furniture
  2. Stick the counterpart onto the product to be secured
  3. Done

Dimensions: 55x34x28mm
Color: black
Rope diameter: 0.83mm
Rope length: 96cm
Rope exit: front
Tensile force: approx. 150g

Variations possible: On request

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