Line securing pull box VSCN lasso with 2 adjusting screws for variable rope projection

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Leinensicherung Pullbox VSCN Lasso mit 2 Justierschrauben für variablen Seilüberstand - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €4,99
Regular price Sale price €4,99

Line lock pull box VSCN adjustable lasso - mechanical line lock to protect your exhibits

With the existing 2 adjustment screws, you can set any rope distance and adjust the size of the lasso.

This pull box is equipped with a high-quality steel cable covered in nylon. The high-quality steel cable reel reliably pulls the cable back to the starting position

The Allen key for adjustment is included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data:

Material Plastic / Metal
Color black
Form Teardrop
Width 32mm
Length 50mm
Height 17mm
Execution Loop with 2 screws for loop size and rope projection
Extension length approx. 96cm
Glue under Accessories




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