Hard label Sensormatic UltraTag 9kG label with steel loop (ZL400AL-4G)

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Hart-Etikett Sensormatic UltraTag 9kG Etikett mit Stahlschlaufe (ZL400AL-4G) - EastekOnlineshop
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This one-piece hard tag features a 10 cm twisted stainless steel loop to protect footwear, handbags and high-quality ready-to-wear clothing at high risk of theft.

Article security from Sensormatic, always a bit safer!

Application: shoes, handbags, belts, clothing

Technical data

Color Gray, Black
Length 60.8 mm (2.4 in)
Loop length 100mm (4 inches)
Width 21.47mm (0.85 in)
Thickness 18.0mm (0.71 in)
Weight 7g (0.24 oz)
Pull force 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Strength magnetic lock 9 kG

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