Hard label Sensormatic Supertag InFuzion - ZLAMT6200

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Hart-Etikett Sensormatic Supertag InFuzion - ZLAMT6200 - EastekOnlineshop
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Faster locking and unlocking. InFuzion means needle and fuse in one product. No separate storage, no cumbersome handling.

When securing large quantities, the cost factor is not the security, but the time. The average time it takes to secure a piece of clothing is 8 seconds. With InFuzion you reduce the time by almost 50%.

It takes an employee 22 hours to create 10,000 pieces of a conventional fuse. With the InFuzion you only need about 12 hours.

Recommended areas of application

Clothing, delicates, jeans, outerwear, sportswear, swimwear


Color Gray
Length 51.3mm (2.01 inches)
Width 17.7mm (0.696 inch)
Thickness 24.2mm (0.952 inch)
Weight 8.8g (0.31oz)


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