RF Apollo Mono article surveillance system

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Warensicherungssystem RF Apollo Mono - EastekOnlineshop
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Article security mono consisting of just one column / antenna - 8.2 Mhz TRX system

With this technology, the transmitter and receiver are located in just one article surveillance antenna.

Both small and large entrances can be covered with this article security.


1m entrance with one door:
You only use one security system

2m entrance with sliding door:
You use one article security system in the middle or two pieces, each on the left and right.

Your advantage:
When using two article surveillance systems, you do not need a cable connection between the columns/antennas, as each column works on its own.

The system is easy to set up, there is only one control for volume and one control for sensitivity

The columns must be secure and must be screwed into the floor. If you are not sure about the dowels and screws, then order the fastening kit at the same time.

System for self-assembly by people with manual skills or by electricians

In the box: operating instructions and declaration of conformity

This system does not replace professional systems that are assembled and set up at your premises by our technicians. Article surveillance systems work on a radio basis and can be influenced by many factors. Defective lamps can trigger alarms in the system.

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