Adhesive label AM Sensormatic Metal Sheet Label 2500 pieces in a box (ZLMTLS1)

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Klebe-Etikett AM Sensormatic Metal Sheet Label 2500 St. im Karton (ZLMTLS1) - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €209,00
Regular price €225,00 Sale price €209,00

Adhesive labels for metallic surfaces and packaging, of course original Sensormatic (ZLMTLS1)

It's finally here, the security system for metal objects. Secure expensive energy drinks and stop being robbed.

The Metal Sheet Label provides premium performance and outstanding product protection when applied to metal surfaces or metal packaged
products. While other adhesive locks on metal do not work or only work poorly, Sensormatic has once again created an innovation that is impressive.

With the new Metal Label you can now protect products and packaging that previously could not be protected. Packaging with a high metal content, such as packaging from the perfume sector, energy cans, etc.

Technical data

Color White
Length 45.21mm ± 0.5mm (1.78in ± 0.020in)
Width 10.67mm ± 0.5mm (0.420in ± 0.020in)
Thickness without straps max. 2.32mm (0.091in)
Thickness with support max. 2.47mm (0.097in)
Labels per sheet 108

Images may vary

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