Adhesive label AM Sensormatic APX label barcode 1000 pieces in a box (ZLAPXS2)

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Klebe-Etikett AM Sensormatic APX Label Barcode 1000 St. im Karton (ZLAPXS2) - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €44,90
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Adhesive label APX Sheet Label (Advanced Performance Xtreme, ZLAPXS2) for your AM article surveillance, of course original Sensormatic.

The first choice for label performance and product protection.

The Advanced Performance Xtreme Adhesive Label (APX) delivers peak performance and superior merchandise protection thanks to proven Sensormatic technology.

The APX label offers an exceptional range, top sensitivity in combination with high protection against manipulation.

Deactivation at the checkout (point-of-sale, POS) occurs with practically no false alarms and is very reliable.

This AM-EAS label works efficiently even after stresses such as goods handling and transport. This merchandise security can be applied in-store by hand, but also during merchandise manufacturing, so retailers receive ready-to-sell merchandise that is consistently labeled for faster receipt and sales.

Make sure that you always stick these adhesive labels straight. If APX Sheet Labels are stuck in a corner or round, they may no longer trigger an alarm in the article security department.


The images show Sensormatic APX and/or DR Label

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