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Eastek Systems is a licensed Sensormatic contract partner. With us you get the entire Sensormatic product surveillance range. We will advise you and install tailor-made retail security in your store. Sensormatic accessories for your article surveillance can be found here or at AM article surveillance.
Order your article surveillance APX label directly from stock or make an appointment to plan your new Sensormatic Synergy article surveillance.
Hard labels or adhesive labels or both? While hard labels can only be attached to textiles, adhesive labels have a much wider range of applications. Our easy-to-apply adhesive labels provide effective merchandise security to protect your products.

The adhesive labels, delivered in sheets or on rolls, can be applied in the store or automatically when the goods are manufactured. They impress with their exceptional range and sensitivity, are largely tamper-proof and work with practically no false alarms.
Our wide product surveillance range of adhesive labels includes acoustomagnetic (AM) and radio frequency (RF) systems.

Adhesive labels are a cost-effective, reliable form of article surveillance in mini format. Our portfolio also offers special solutions for items that are difficult to secure, such as adhesive labels for health and cosmetic products (HBC), microwaveable or sewn-in labels. With our comprehensive source tagging program, retailers can save on personnel costs in the store because item tagging is implemented during the manufacturing process. You can reduce shrinkage and increase your sales. This allows retailers to stock their sales area directly with the products.

The adhesive labels are available with acoustomagnetic (AM), radio frequency (RF) and radio frequency identification technology (RFID).

Sensormatic article surveillance

Goods security for the bicycle trade

Reduce loss due to theft with intelligent concepts and an experienced partner. You can find out more about this and many other videos on the subject of article surveillance on our YouTube channel.

Bicycle theft video

General information about article surveillance - explanation of the technologies and concepts.

Planning the security of goods is important. However, it is not necessary to carry out an on-site inspection. We try to conserve resources in all areas. So we decided many years ago not to send employees through Germany by car to look at an entrance on site, which you can easily send to us via WhatsApp with a cell phone photo.

This is also one of the Reasons why goods surveillance is cheaper with us despite the best quality and technology. Because conserving resources also protects your wallet.

We use article surveillance systems from Amersec, our long-standing partner from the Czech Republic. This makes us one of the few, and perhaps now the only, company that thinks “green” here too. While the competition brings the systems from Asia to Germany by plane or ship, we have much shorter routes.

We are a pure B2B shop, so all prices mentioned here are net prices

What kind of merchandise security do you get from us?

In the area of ​​merchandise security for the textile trade, we serve all concepts and customer sizes with the best quality. We support you in planning your goods security and help you prepare all the necessary craft work. As a Sensormatic partner for article surveillance, you will receive systems from us at the highest technical level with professional advice on site or in our showroom.

Did you know that the criminal police advice center in Hamburg still offers free training for retailers on the subject of "article surveillance and Prevention" offers. Almost all other federal states have long since eliminated this service for cost reasons. Eastek Systems supports this through product training and demonstrations.

There are two different systems for using article surveillance in the textile trade:

1. Radio frequency article surveillance


  • more cost-effective than AM systems
  • many manufacturers
  • many designs
  • Very large selection of fuses


  • Range smaller than AM acoustomagnetic article security
  • Is rarely or difficult to use synchronize with neighboring systems (coordinate with each other), so that technical restrictions can occur, therefore not recommended for center locations
  • More sensitive to radio interference

You can use RF article surveillance You can choose between very simple article surveillance systems, which we send to you ready to install yourself, or the article surveillance - professional systems that our technicians set up for you.

2. Acoustomagnetic article surveillance


  • Typical retail entrances are approx. 2m wide with inward-opening doors, the article surveillance antennas can be used with AM (acoustomagnetic technology). behind the doors, with a passage width of approx. 230cm and work perfectly there
  • When installed by trained technicians and reputable providers, there are rarely any malfunctions and error-free operation for many years
  • Many designs, Plexi, aluminum, holders for advertising media, etc.
  • Large selection of fuses


  • Greater range between the Antennas also mean greater detection in the store, i.e. more distance to secured goods (possibly use dummy fuses)
  • You can find a variety of accessories and systems in the “Article security” section

Security of goods in leasing - beware of the trap!

You want to lease a security of goods to put your money to better use than tying it up in a security of goods. Basically a good idea!

Imagine that you receive a leasing offer from Tolle-Warensicherung-GmbH with a term of 36 months; we, the company Eastek, have offered a term of 60 months. 60 months are too long, too much interest for the leasing bank and the order goes to: Tolle-Warensicherung-GmbH...Congratulations! You now record the installment as an expense every month, reduce the company's income and, in parallel with the reduction in theft, also save taxes, so item security is fun!

After 5 years, the tax officer registers for the audit and cancels your tax for 36 months Tax savings of leasing..."oh no, how could that be?" Many of our competitors are happy about a leasing contract because the money is available immediately from the leasing bank, often plus commission, and what happens later doesn't matter to the seller.

36 months are not legally compliant!

We expressly point out the general conditions for leasing an article security system:

Full amortization leasing for goods security

The leasing contract must be concluded for a certain period of time and cannot be terminated during this period if both parties have properly fulfilled the contract (no right of termination). This is the so-called basic rental period. During this basic rental period, the lessee's leasing installments must at least cover the acquisition/production costs as well as additional costs including the lessor's financing costs.

According to these two leasing regulations, the decisive criterion for the tax attribution of the leased object is the length of the basic rental period: Is it Between 40% and 90% of the normal useful life of the leased object to be calculated according to AfA (deduction for wear and tear), it is attributed to the lessor.

The lessee can then deduct the leasing installments as operating expenses. AFA for goods security 12 years = 144 months x 40% = 57.6 months minimum term if the tax advantage is to be used.

There are depreciation periods for all goods (AfA = deduction for wear and tear). The tax office specifies a useful life of 12 years for an article surveillance system; depreciation must run over this period. When leasing the article surveillance, 40-90% of this time must be fulfilled:

12 years = 144 months x 40% = 57.6 months minimum term

12 years = 144 months x 90 % = 129.6 months maximum term

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