Pullbox Alarm 3 with adjustable lasso

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Pullbox Alarm 3 mit verstellbarem Lasso vendor-unknown
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Pullbox Alarm 3 with adjustable lasso - anti-theft protection for all exhibits

Pullbox Alarm 3 Flexsensor for anti-theft protection of exhibits -Pullbox with alarm trigger

The Pullbox Alarm 3 is the perfect fusion of a simple pull box and electronic article surveillance. Use the remote control (under Accessories) to activate the alarm once you have secured the product.

With an Allen key, the lasso can be easily opened and adjusted to your needs.

Alarm at:

  • Cutting the rope
  • Removing the box

The cable length is approx. 100cm

Dimensions of the box: 45 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm (height)

Requires at least one remote control ( see accessories)

Attention: Order remote control, spare battery, Allen key, screwdriver, spare glue, at the same time? See accessories!

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