Max Smartphone V3 - iPhone anti-theft device - Apple Lightning

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Max Smartphone V3 - iPhone Diebstahlsicherung - Apple Lightning - EastekOnlineshop
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Theft protection Max Smartphone Apple Lightning V3 - reliably secures all iPhones with a Lightning port

This Max smartphone anti-theft device already includes a Lightning charging cable. This can be replaced at any time with another charging cable (USB Type C or USB Micro)

High security for almost all retail and trade fair environments

Allows quick product replacement with high security. No more annoying false alarms thanks to the elimination of the micro switch on the back of the device

- Alarm triggered via charging cable (cutting and pulling out)
- Including charging cable and power supply
- Magnetic holder for tidy exhibition

- Brackets / additional metal holders for high tear-off protection
- Charging and securing cable with metal jacket (protection against cutting)

Height 60mm
Base: 50x50mm

The remote control compatible with BOX, MAX and MOD is not included, please select the desired quantity under accessories.


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