Article security color needle set 200 pieces. including closure and release device

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Warensicherung Farbnadel Set 200St. inklusive Verschluss und Lösegerät - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €149,00
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Paint needle set consisting of: 200 x paint needles, 200 x closure and 1 x Superlock magnetic releaser

Suitable for presenting goods outdoors or near goods security Color needles perfect! In addition to reliability, deterrence is one of the most important potentials of article surveillance.

Our high-quality color security has a 2-chamber color system. If you try to force the needle out, the paint chambers burst and the paint makes the garment unusable for the thief.

Very high deterrent potential, proven for decades!
The high-quality Superlock magnetic releaser, with which you can open almost all article locks on the market, is also included in this set.


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