Adhesive label AM Sensormatic AP Label Barcode 1000 pieces in a box (ZLAPS2)

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Klebe-Etikett AM Sensormatic AP Label Barcode 1000 St. im Karton (ZLAPS2) - EastekOnlineshop
Regular price €34,90
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Adhesive label AM Sensormatic AP Label barcode (ZLAPS2) for article surveillance

The Advanced Performance Adhesive Label (AP) offers reliably high performance and secure protection for goods thanks to the proven Sensormatic technology. This AM-EAS label is characterized by its robustness, consistent deactivations at the point of sale (POS) and its reliable performance, which can withstand stresses such as goods handling and transport. This label can be applied by hand in-store or during product manufacturing, allowing retailers to receive ready-to-sell merchandise that is consistently labeled for faster receipt and sale.


Color White with barcode
Length 45.21mm ·} 0.5mm
Width 10.67mm ·} 0.5mm
Thickness without straps maximum 1.89 mm
Thickness including beam maximum 2.0 mm



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