Peoplecounter Xovis 3D - PC2R-UL-O - Outdoor Ultra-Weitwinkel

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Peoplecounter Xovis 3D - PC2R-UL-O - Outdoor Ultra-Weitwinkel

Xovis Outdoor 3D AI People tracking sensor with Ultra Lens and up to 99% accuracy
and Coordinate tracking

  • counting
  • gender recognition*
  • ​groups measurments
  • Staff exclusion*
  • Mounting Height: from 2.2m-3.5m
  • PoE powered.

*features are plugins and can cause extra charges

Covers at 3,0m Installation height : 4,88 m x  4,04 m
Covers at 3,5m Installation height : 6,75 m x  5,70 m

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