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Eastek Systems is a licensed Sensormatic contract partner. With us you get the entire range of Sensormatic article surveillance. We will advise you and install tailor-made goods security in your shop. Sensormatic accessories for your article surveillance can be found here or under AM article surveillance.
Order your retail security APX label directly from stock by express or make an appointment to plan your new Sensormatic Synergy retail security.

Article surveillance for the bicycle trade

Reduce loss through theft with intelligent concepts and an experienced partner. You can find more about this and many other videos on the subject of article surveillance on our YouTube channel.

We are a pure B2B shop, so all prices mentioned here are net prices

General information on retail security - explanation of technologies and concepts.

The planning of retail security is important. However, it is not necessary to carry out an on-site inspection. We try to act in a way that conserves resources in all areas. So many years ago we decided not to send employees through Germany by car to look at an entrance on site, which you can easily send us with a mobile phone photo via WhatsApp.

This is also one of the reasons why article surveillance is cheaper with us despite the best quality and technology. Because conserving resources also conserves your wallet.

We use retail security systems from Amersec, our long-term partner from the Czech Republic. This makes us one of the few, perhaps already the only company that thinks more "green" here too. While the competition brings the systems from Asia to Germany by plane or ship, we have much shorter distances.

What kind of retail security do you get from us?

In the area of ​​goods security for the textile trade, we serve all concepts and customer sizes with the best quality. We support you in the planning of the article surveillance and help you with the preparation of all necessary craft work.

Did you know that the criminal police advice center in Hamburg still offers free training courses for retailers on the subject of "article surveillance and prevention". Almost all other federal states have long since canceled this service for cost reasons. Eastek Systems supports this through product training and demonstrations.

There are two different systems for using article surveillance in the textile trade:

1. Radio frequency article surveillance


  • partly cheaper than AM systems
  • many manufacturers
  • many designs
  • very large selection of fuses


  • Range smaller than with AM acousto-magnetic article surveillance
  • Can seldom or poorly be synchronized (coordinated) with neighboring systems, so that technical restrictions can occur
  • More sensitive to radio interference

2. Acoustomagnetic article surveillance


  • Typical entrances in retail are approx. 2 m wide with doors opening inwards, with AM (acousto-magnetic technology) the security antennas can be placed behind the doors, on a passage width of approx. 230 cm and function perfectly there
  • When installed by trained technicians and reputable providers, there are seldom malfunctions and error-free operation for many years
  • many designs, plexi, aluminum, recordings for advertising media, etc.
  • large selection of fuses


  • Larger range between the antennas also means greater detection into the shop, i.e. more distance to secured goods (use dummy fuses if necessary)
  • A variety of accessories and systems can be found in the "Article security" section

Article surveillance what do I have to consider and how does it all work?

Article surveillance systems are radio-based. We all know it e.g. from the wireless router, sometimes the reception / signal is better and sometimes worse. Retail security works in a similar way. In an environment with little disruption, the security system "sees" much further than in a difficult environment.

Light sources, cash registers, computers, even electronic kettles, i.e. all electronic devices or electrical lines in the wall, can influence the function.

Plan your retail security together with us so that you do not experience any surprises.

Does a sales representative come by to plan the security measures?

Climate protection is on everyone's lips and we have been of the opinion for many years that it is crazy to send an employee through Germany, Austria and Switzerland by car so that he can take a photo of your entrance and measure it with a folding rule. how wide your door is.

A climate-neutral way would be: You send us a photo on which we can see your entrance and the floor clearly. You tell us how wide it is and we will make an offer for you.

Everyone benefits from this, you from lower prices and everyone else from significant savings in resources.

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