Security Frames for tablets - one size fits all


Tablet security frames - GRIPZO - the brand for tablet security

Security frames are used where the focus is not on the device but on the application. Tablets are replacing cash registers in more and more locations. This is where the security frame or gripper is perfect for use. You can tilt and turn the frames, the device can be charged and is safe from theft. The tablet is quick and easy for staff to remove from the security.

The devices can be removed in seconds by the device owners. The tablet is enclosed in durable steel handles that make theft virtually impossible. The device is unlocked with a uniquely made key. No electronics, sensors or cables! 

No restriction of function: 
The open design means that connections via 3G/4G Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (unlike many other cases) remain unaffected.



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Product no.: 010069

Tablet Mount 360 degree Rotation Black

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Product no.: 010063

Tabletsecurity Gripzo 360 POS 7-10.1" Color: White - 360 degrees for maximum Presentation


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Product no.: 011061
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