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Display Security MAX Serie
High Quality Display Security for Tools, Smartphones, Tablets, Tootbrusher, Shavers ...

Productholder Sunny
Never miss your remote. With Productholder Sunny your products will allways remain the same place

Max_Smartphone_hoch_1 Produkthalter_Sunny_sw_2_S

From  49,00 EUR
includes Charging and Lead/Cable

From 2,59 EUR
surely without the remote on the picture

Pullbox for your products
with nylon coated steelwire, different versions, high quality

EAS Labels
Need Labels in large quantities? Ask for your specialized EAS Labels directly manufatured for you



from 2,99 EURO / piece

From 16,90 EURO / Roll








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We keep 10.000s of Pullboxes on stock, we ship quick across Europe to support you in your business.

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