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We are a pure B2B shop, so all prices mentioned here are net prices. With our products and well thought-out concepts in the areas of Antishoplifting, customer counting, peoplecounter and display security, we work with you to ensure a good and safe shopping experience in your shop. With our peoplecounting concepts you will get all relevant data from your store(s) such as amount of visitors, dwell time inside or in front of your shopping window, gender, conversionrate und much more to develop your KPI´s. Meanwhile our anti-shoplifting systems make your staff able to focus on sales instead of watching possible thief’s. We are certified partner of Xovis, Sensormatic and Amersec.

We carry a large stock of Sensormatic Products, such as APX Label, Supertag or Handheld Detachers. You can order all Sensormatic Products directly from us. If there are products you need but do not find in shop, just ask us. We do install our systems across europe and do have partners in several countries. Which means, we are not only an onlineshop, we are also your reliable partner on site With our parnter the Vemcogroup and its outstanding Online-Cloudservice Vemcount we provide more than peoplecounting, book your onlinepresentation to understand why!

Diebstahlsicherung Smart Variomount

Peoplecounter Occupancy

In order to guarantee your customers and employees a secure shopping experience, we have developed a simple product for you to install yourself, and on the other side a complex product with a secure and GDPR cloud service.

We deliver our wireless set Occupancy fully prepared as a Plug & Play system. The visitor counters are ready for use in a few minutes and control the entrance on a monitor. Live inside for counting people in buildings, canteens, restaurants. Always keep an overview. Now new for you: LoRaWan and NB-IoT sensors to complete your data with room temperature, occupancy display, Co² content.

Max Series for your merchandise security

Only with us you will find the new MAX series, the ultimate anti-theft device for iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets, input pens, reflex cameras, electric toothbrushes, ultrabooks ... secure, present and charge with MAX. For classic anti-theft protection at entrances / exits, we offer you: Article security for the textile or electronics sector, security labels, anti-theft protection for smartphones, iPad, iPhones, line security for your exhibits. You can find more information about display security (accessories, complete packages of display security and individual systems) HERE.