Peoplecounter Counteasy USB V3 Bi-Direktional with Display

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People Counter sensor with USB and Display

The counter sensors stand out in simple installation, extreme low power and standard wide opening capability of up to 8m or 26ft.

Simple AA Alkaline batteries last even up to 4 year!

This counter is very useful for generating minutely data. Data can be downloaded to the SensorServer using a standard USB stick or connecting to a pc using a USB cable.

Just like the Counteasy Standard V3-display version and the network version of the counter sensors the USB version can make distinction in in-and outgoing persons by using the bi-directional version.

By means of advanced techniques and protocols, it is possible to detect the direction of the person walk through the horizontal beam.

Both numbers are available in the SensorServer. The people counter sensors are designed to count people, hands and fingers are not counted.
The bi-directional counter sensors are equiped with Enhanced Noise Immunity© .

This ENI© is based on DSP technology. It filters out infrared and electrical disturbance from e.g. ir door openers or AM anti shoplifting systems.

Applications In particular very suitable to be placed at entrances.

Shoulder- / chest-height is the ideal height to count people. Fixing on the ´(AM) shoftlifting gates´ is a good option.

Horizontal technique; Counter works through glass.

Versatile battery powered counter sensor, used where no network is available and detailed valuable data is needed.
Can also be mounted on (AM) shoplifting systems.

Included in Shipment:

1 x Peoplecounter Transmitter
1 x Peoplecounter Receiver
1 x USB Stick


Bi-Directional USB People Counter (PRx20U2 – PTx20-1)
Data Memory : 40 days of minutely data
Measurement Width : 8 meter
Power Supply : 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Battery Life : 1 year
Internal date and time with battery backup
Dimensions : 116.4 x 70 x 26.5 mm
Data Memory : 40 days of minutely data

For Softwareinstallation: It is necessary that you have IT / Computer experience. If necessary we can help via Teamviewer for EUR 119,00 per Hour

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