Neotag is the international innovative brand specializing in the manufacturing of the anti-theft products.

Once specializing in the anti-theft solutions, it took  years of researches and developments in order to create the anti-theft Neotag with its unique multipolar system lock.  This revolution in the security domain finally provides the efficient solution against shoplifting in stores causing the lost of milliards of euro and raising every year.

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Product no.: 010045

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NEOTAG Balt 2 - Hardtag for your merchandise protection - AM Technologie 58KHZ

Product no.: 010047

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Neolock Steel Anti Theft for Accessories

Product no.: 010024

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NEOTAG DETACHER Black for Neotag

Product no.: 010046

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Neotoag Detacher Deng Silver

Product no.: 010074

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