Display Alarm for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tab...

Display Alarm for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablets

Diebstahlsicherung iPhones, Smartphones, Merchandising


What to secure ?

    Smartphone Tablet_S Laptop PC_Mac Kopfhoerer Warensicherung
Smartphone    Tablet      Laptop / Macbook      PC / iMac Headphone / earphones


With Max Antitheft you reach the maximun securable product range 

Max Anti Theft is availabel for Smartphones, Tablets, Pens / Stylus, Headphones, Brushers,  Tools, earphones, Bluetoothspeakers, Shavers ...


  • Alle Max Smartphone or Tablet contain a second Port for additional Security Cables
  • Alle Charge Leads can be changed for you maximum versatility


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