Cleaning cards for automatic bill validators

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Reinigungskarten für automatische Geldscheinprüfer - EastekOnlineshop
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Water-based cleaning card set (10x2 cards) without chemicals for eastek bill validators

Cleaning cards for eastek bill validators

To achieve the best possible performance and ensure that your company remains free of counterfeit money, the Regular cleaning of your counterfeit money detectors is a must.

The longer and more frequently banknotes circulate, the more dust and dirt adhere to them. This dirt can affect the operation of the sensors and roller systems integrated into your counterfeit money detector. By regularly using cleaning cards for eastek counterfeit money detectors, you keep the inside of your detector clean and can continue to reliably check the authenticity of the banknotes. Cleaning cards for counterfeit money detectors offer optimal cleaning performance without the use of solvents, alcohol or dangerous chemical substances.

As a result, the application is safe and they can be safely disposed of with normal household waste.

SET with 10 x 2 cards